We efficiently offer various IT and mobile devices such as
laptops, desktops, monitors, smart phones, and air purifiers,
through our own developed asset management and ordering system.
In addition, we also provide a total service that satisfies all customer needs,
such as accident handling, substitute materials, system recovery,
and eliminating all copyright-related risks.
Through our nationwide network, we provide services that fit the logistics process by industry.
We are leading the standardization and efficiency of domestic logistics systems
and providing the best quality services to our customers through our advanced cleaning facilities
and specialized pallet & logistics rental systems (PRS)
Construction Equipment
We are the largest construction equipment rental company in Korea,
possessing 12,000 units of aerial equipment, 6,000 forklifts, and lighting towers.
We provide complete maintenance/repair services for each region based on
our nationwide branches. Additionally, we offer solutions optimized for
business environments, supplying various models, installation options,
refurbishment and maintenance capabilities, etc.