Rental Solution Partner
continues to grow with customer
IT Rental Solution for smart business
We maximize your business efficiency and performance.
Optimized Pallet Rental System
You can get the pallet you need in the right quantities, right places at the right times.
Construction Equipment in superb condition
We supply the safest equipment with our highly competitive maintenance system and expertise.
Total IT Device
Pallet·Logistics Equipment
Construction Equipment
Total IT DevicePallet·Logistics EquipmentConstruction Equipment
AJ Rental has grown with
customer by providing outstanding skilled solutions
The Largest Rental Company in Korea
AJ Rental boasts an efficient nationwide network with the largest amount of rental equipment in Korea, including 360,000 units of equipment related to the IT and office business, 12,000 units of construction equipment, and 11 million pallets.
Extensive Operation Experience
Over 20 years of experience and know-how, We provide the most efficient and individually customized service.
Became Public and Listed on the Stock Exchange
Began to be treated on the stock exchange in 2015 for the industry’s first.
Global brand
We continuously growing as one of the global players in rental business industry that share the convenience.
Office Equipment·IT Device
IT Equipment
We provide smart business solutions with outstanding technology and expertise.
The best quality-customized service has been favored by our business clients.
At a reasonable price
for just as long as needed
Use the latest device specification with licensed software at a reasonable price
Rapid untact online interactionfrom the request of device to return
Clients can conveniently access and manage orders, rental history, delivery and return, through the customized online asset management system
Professional and technical support available anytime
Technical support agent will promptly provide assistance and take care of all related processes in case of system problem
Pallet·Forklift·Logistics Equipment
Pallet & Logistics
Increasing logistic efficiency through standardization and optimization process, while reducing logistics operation costs.
We reduce logistics and inventory management costs by offering integrated operation systems.
Stable supply of pallet
With a total of 11 million pallets in 33 nationwide networks, we supply customers with pallet and equipment quickly and reliably whenever and wherever they need
Efficient real-time management
Through the Pallet & logistics management system (PRS), we are able to efficiently manage inventory, storage and delivery status, along with return and collection requests
Aerial Equipment·Forklift
Construction Equipment
Our equipment is always in top condition.
We have invested in brand new equipment and always supply the best quality with specialized maintenance capabilities.
Competitive maintenance capability
We supply the most reliable equipment with the industry's best refurbishment and maintenance facility, risk detection, and accident prevention safety system managed directly
Available anytime at the request of the customer
As we have a nationwide network system, we respond quickly to on site customer requests
Stable supply of equipment
With about 13,000 units of equipment, we are able to supply large construction sites integrally at a time